Welcome to “Thinking Deeply.” This blog will explore fundamental philosophical, moral, and political questions. My goal is to get readers to question their assumptions, and critically evaluate their beliefs and values. I also readily admit that I have my own set of values, and in my politics-related posts, I will advance my opinions, but I will also explain why I have them. As I will elaborate on in a later post, I believe people of good conscience can legitimately disagree about politics because they simply have fundamentally different values.

Although I don’t have a formal background in philosophy, I have always been interested in the big questions. I enjoy reading about and watching videos on philosophy, politics, public policy, economics, psychology, cognitive science, and social science generally. I consider myself an earnest seeker of the truth, who values facts, evidence, reason and logic.

As this blog will focus on fundamental ideas, I may not write too many posts (there are only so many fundamental ideas), but some topics may require multiple posts in order to fully explore them. Many of these topics are quite multifaceted. Some future topics that I am already planning to write on include morality, free will, consciousness, politics and values, libertarianism, and socialism.

I am excited to write blog posts on these issues, and I hope you will enjoy reading them!